Is the NeverBeBored.co.uk website free to use?

Yes, absolutely.

What areas does it cover?

Coverage is the entire United Kingdom - England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It does not cover mainland Europe, the US or Canada but is ideal if you're visiting Great Britain from another country.

Will the website work on my Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile etc?

We've designed the site from the ground up to work with the latest generation of mobile devices and smartphones so the basic answer is yes, it will. There are so many devices it's impossible to say a specific model will work with no issues but on the whole using the site should be a breeze. If not, let us know and tell us how we can improve your mobile experience.

Are all the places and listings really chosen by hand?

Yes, our approach is strictly quality over quantity. Plus, every new submission is checked manually before it is added to the site and only the best things make it. It's not the easy option when setting up a site like this but it's one of the things that we hope makes us different.

Is it primarily for 'visitors' or 'locals'?

Both. New visitors from a different region or country who have no previous knowledge about where they're staying. But also local people who know their town, city or village inside out but might still have missed some great things to do.

Do we really need another site like this?

We think so. Firstly a lot of the sites available look amateurish, are hard to navigate and use and out of date (or all three!) There is lots of useful information out there dotted all over the Web and some great sites for individual cities but not many nationwide services. Of those, many feel cluttered or suffer from information overload. Our aim with NeverBeBored.co.uk is to present useful information in a simple, attractive and consistent way. We've put the hard work in so you don't have to.

How do you make money?

Short answer: Paid listings and advertising. Slightly longer answer: Basically, businesses fortunate enough to make the grade and appear in our guide are offered the opportunity to enhance their NeverBeBored.co.uk listing with more details, photos etc. and make it feature more prominently in the results. People are more likely to notice it, and therefore more likely to visit that place, attraction, restaurant etc. This is the only realistic way to keep the site free for users.