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Never Be Bored is a great way to get your business noticed when people are looking online for things to do and places to go in your area.


Unlike many other websites, we are completely focused on the UK leisure market and are already attracting thousands of people daily from all over the country. We also have a growing number of overseas visitors using the site to plan their UK holidays and days out while they are here on their travels.

We have spent a lot of time finding out what people most want to do with their free time and how they increasingly use the Internet to search for the things they are interested in. What's clear from our own research and customer feedback is that people use Never Be Bored to get new ideas and inspiration - for themselves, their friends, their families and their children.

We are constantly adding new information and articles to the website and encourage lots of feedback from our customers to keep the site alive with plenty of new content daily. The search engines love this as we are adding more answers to the questions being asked by people using Google, Yahoo! and Bing, as well the smaller specialist search engines.

If you run a business that provides relevant leisure services or products, check if you are currently listed in our database by filling in the form below. This will show if you have a FREE or PREMIUM entry - or no entry at all.

If you're not already listed, after a few checks we will add your business details as a FREE entry. But please don't expect too much from the FREE service because we have to give lots of marketing advantages to our PREMIUM customers to make sure they get the maximum benefit.

If you already have a FREE listing, we will send you details of our PREMIUM services which we think you will find very attractive. There are several low cost options to choose from to suit different businesses and budgets, and we always aim to make them as simple as possible to provide the best return on your marketing investment.