Auto-locate where you are

If you want we can try and work out where you are.

Don't worry - we're not going all Big Brother on you! A lot of mobiles and smartphones support geolocation, and even laptops and PCs with the latest browsers! Ideal if you're not entirely sure where you are, or are just too lazy to type in a place name!

 Did you know?

The top places for staycations are Cornwall, Devon, London, Edinburgh and Cardiff. Well known seaside resorts including Blackpool, Brighton, Scarborough and Bournemouth remain popular too.

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Why not watch 'Yes Man' starring Jim Carey then - choose a random location to visit? Become a 'Yes' person today - it could change your life! Err, no promises though.

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Did you know?

An old law dating from the 1600s makes the act of eating mince pies illegal. B'ah, humbug!